• Added a new shortcode, deprecated another, added parameters to two shortcodes, added a parameter to a module and extended the functionality of another:



    • i4w_webform : A new parameter was added, emailhidden=yes, to specify whether the email address should be a hidden field so that the user cannot modify it. This is the same feature that has been available in [i4w_orderform] and is designed to ensure that the correct contact record is updated in Infusionsoft.
      For more information, see: http://docs.imember360.com/shortcodes/regular/i4w_webform/



    • i4w_sync_contacts : A new parameter was added, truncate=yes, to specify whether the local contact table should be emptied before the synchronization starts or whether the contact records should be updated one by one. This is largely a performance optimizer for large table; the result will be the same.
      For more information, see: http://docs.imember360.com/modules/i4w_sync_contacts/


    • i4w_autologin : The “Thank You” page option in the new Campaign Builder is not sending the contact ID when asked to pass the contact data. The autologin will not do what it needs to do based on the user email address that is passed.
      For more information, see: http://docs.imember360.com/modules/i4w_autologin/
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