• Added a new module and added features to two shortcodes:

    • i4w_sync_contacts : This module enables you to sync as many or as few contacts from you Infusionsoft application to a local table. It can be triggered manually, as well as through a CRON job or an Infusionsoft HTTP POST.

      For more information, see: http://docs.imember360.com/modules/i4w_sync_contacts/

    • [i4w_wpcf]: This shortcode can pull and display data from a WordPress custom field. With the new “post_id” parameter, you can now pull this data from any page or post, not just the current one.

      For more information, see: http://docs.imember360.com/shortcodes/regular/i4w_wpcf/

    • [i4w_permalink]: This shortcode retrieves the URL of the current page or post. With the new “post_id” parameter, you can now generate the URL for any page or post on your WP site.

      For more information, see: http://docs.imember360.com/shortcodes/regular/i4w_permalink/

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