Changes due to the sunsetting of Keap legacy API keys: Implemented support for Service Account Keys. Modified the SDK to accommodate both legacy API keys and Service Account Keys. ntroduced new security key options that replace the first six characters of the legacy API key. By pre-filling the initial six characters of the legacy API …

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Added Bricks Builder Theme Extension.


Added WooCommerce Subscription Order Status trigger “Pending Cancellation” Compatibility improvements for Avada Live Builder


Enhanced BuddyPress/BuddyBoss integration Automatic FirstName, LastName, Social Networks, Email and Password sync between BuddyPress/BuddyBoss and ActiveCampaign (bi-directional) Profile Field synchronization between BuddyPress/BuddyBoss and ActiveCampaign. iMember 360 Conditional based Field Group (Field Set) access. Minor improvements


New Cornerstone extension. Show/Hide Cornerstone elements based on iMember360 Conditionals, Keap/InfusionsoftTags and PHP Statements.


Added enrollment pages to our LearnDash extension Define any page as an enrollment page. Once a logged-in user visits that page, iMember360 triggers the course enrollment process of LearnDash.


Added Thrive Architect support, see https://docs.imember360.com/thrive-architect-extension/


This is a significant update. Please ensure that you backup your existing WordPress site and database before updating. We would always recommend updating a staging site first to validate the update prior to updating your live site. Important **** iMember360 Version 5.2.3 is not compatible with PHP 8.0.x and above. Therefore your site should be …

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Standalone Bulk Editor has been removed. iMember360 is now fully integrated with the edit bulk action included in the standard WordPress page/post listings. Added Show Page/Post Settings to Utilities to show current iMember360 settings for every post of the selected type in one panel.


Enhancement to iMember360 WooCommerce Extension to remove products from the cart for which the visitor does not satisfy the iMember360 access conditions.

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