This is a significant update.

Please ensure that you backup your existing WordPress site and database before updating.

We would always recommend updating a staging site first to validate the update prior to updating your live site.

Important ****

iMember360 Version 5.2.3 is not compatible with PHP 8.0.x and above.

Therefore your site should be put into maintenance mode and iMember360 Version 5.2.3 or earlier deactivated before updating the site to PHP 8.0.x or above.

Once PHP 8.0.x or above is running you can reactivate iMember360 and immediately update to iMember360 Version 5.2.4 and then remove maintenance mode.


iMember360 Version 5.2.4 includes:

– Support for PHP 7.4.x, 8.0.x and 8.1.x and above. iMember360 Version 5.2.4 will not install on any PHP version earlier than 7.4.x.

– Fix to the iMember360 Gutenberg extension so Infusionsoft contact fields can be selected without triggering a block error when using “Set Gutenberg Block Display Based Upon Infusionsoft Contact Field Value”

– Enhancement to iMember360 page/post settings within the WordPress bulk actions editor to make default setting for “Merge with current individual page settings” as checked.

– Enhancements to ensure third party bulk editors for pages/posts do not overwrite the iMember360 page/post settings.

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