• Three new shortcodes have been added:

    • [i4w_get_page] : Enables you to pull content from another page or post in your site and insert it into the current page/post. The [i4w_get_post] shortcode is an alias and is identical in function and purpose.

      For more information, see: http://docs.imember360.com/shortcodes/regular/i4w_get_page/

    • [i4w_include]: Performs a regular PHP include() in a page or post, include a raw PHP, HTML or other valid PHP source directly from the server’s drive.

      For more information, see: http://docs.imember360.com/shortcodes/regular/i4w_include/

    • [i4w_include_once]: Performs a regular PHP include_once() in a page or post, just as [i4w_include] does, however it is limited to running a single time during a page visit.

      For more information, see: http://docs.imember360.com/shortcodes/regular/i4w_include_once/

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