BUGFIX: Shortcodes were not resolving in the I4W ContText Widget. Fixed. New Feature: Added a new module, autologin, for use on Thank You pages. AUTOLOGIN: This module is designed to automatically log a subscriber into your site, with full access and privileges. Since they are logged in, all shortcodes and functions which apply to logged …

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New Shortcode: Added a new shortcode, [i4w_thankyou_password], for use on Thank You pages. This shortcode is designed to retrieve a subscriber's password from your Infusionsoft application, before the subscriber is logged in. It enables you to provide your subscribers' with their login information in a Thank You page. For security purposes, this shortcode only works …

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New Shortcode: Added 32 new shortcodes designed to capture a subscriber's latest credit card data, to be used to populate payment update forms. Please refer to the online shortcode documentation for more information.


New Feature: Added nine additional levels of shortcode nesting to relevant shortcodes. Added an alternative [ELSE] syntax to enable nesting of conditional shortcodes. To overcome the WordPress limitation on nesting shortcodes with the same names, the plugin now automatically generates nine additional shortcodes for a number of shortcodes, where nesting is an option, adding a …

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New Shortcode: Added 11 new shortcodes designed to capture a subscriber's affiliate data, when that subscriber is also one of your affiliates. Please refer to the online shortcode documentation for more information.


New Widget: Added a new widget, I4W ConText (contextual Text/HTML). A new Text/HTML widget has been added, whose content can be displayed based on current login status. New Feature: Based on Carl Chapman’s suggestion, created a mini-plugin to enable filtering tags to limit the number of tags used in a site. Anyone who can use …

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BUGFIX: A missing > was causing the display of the global excerpt (as set in “Excerpt Settings”) to no display properly.


New Feature: Added the ability to filter the access log by subscriber and limit the number of records returned. It is now possible to limit the display of access log records to a single subscriber, instead of the default of all subscribers. You can also limit the number of log records returned.


New Feature: Added server-side session management New Shortcode: Added 3 new shortcodes to work with session variables. Added shortcode [i4w_session_set], to set a session variable. Added shortcode [i4w_session_get], to read a session variable. Added shortcode [i4w_session_if], to query and act upon a session variable, to include the [ELSE] conditional branch.


New Feature: Added new columns to the “Bulk Edit” screens Added column Uses 'more' to indicate which posts and pages use I4W's modified 'more' functionality. Added column Release Week (or Release Day to enable changing a release schedule from within the bulk overview. Fixed a minor display bug in the bulk membership drop down selector..

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