New Feature:

Added nine additional levels of shortcode nesting to relevant shortcodes.

Added an alternative [ELSE] syntax to enable nesting of conditional shortcodes.

To overcome the WordPress limitation on nesting shortcodes with the same names, the plugin now automatically generates nine additional shortcodes for a number of shortcodes, where nesting is an option, adding a numerical suffix to each.


The shortcode:
now also exists as:
         . . .

To nest shortcodes that would otherwise have the same name, simply use any of the additional “numbered” or aliased shortcodes.

Nesting shortcodes using the [ELSE] conditional branching instructions is not possible.

To achieve this, please use the new format: [ELSE_shortcode].


  content if user is a PAYF
  displayed if user is NOT a PAYF
  [i4w_onlyfor tagid='123,234']
    displayed if user has either tagId 123 or 234 assigned
    [i4w_onlyfor2 tagid='234']
      displayed only if user has tagID
      displayed if user does NOT have tagId 234

Please note that, although enabled, not at all shortcodes require the use of aliases for nesting purposes. For the sake of syntax consistency, the facility was provided for all.

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