New Elementor integration for conditional display sections, elements, widgets and popups. Minor improvements.


A new iMember360 extension for WooCommerce was added to enable a deep integration between WooCommerce and Infusionsoft. This extension requires that WooCommerce be installed and active on your site. Removed the need of IonCube or Zend Guard Loader.


A fix for a potential security risk is also implemented. We highly recommend that you update to this version. This release fixes an incorrect redirect when a logged in user lacking permissions would sometimes be redirected to the home page instead of the site’s 404 page.


Beginning with a recent release, Infusionsoft generates incorrect HTML code for webforms for “multiple” select fields. Instead of using the standard multiple=”multiple”, the generated code includes multiple=””. This results in an incorrect parsing of the webforms. With this release, we provide a permanent workaround for this error.


iMember360 now supports PHP 7.x.


Added a few fixes for theme-specific conflicts. Made some adjustments to OAuth2 restHooks implementation. Minor changes to the admin UI


This version introduces support for Infusionsoft’s “resthooks”, enabling app-side notifications of certain changes to contact records and settings. The iMember360 LearnDash extension is now included as a built-in optional module, including expanded integration with LearnDash. Numerous improvements/changes have been made to the admin UI


This version fixes a CSS conflict with themes and plugins using Bootstrap modal windows.


This version fixes a CSS conflict with OptimizePress 2.0 which precluded some iMember360 “popups” from working correctly.


This version includes a complete “port” of iClient360, the client self-service portal originally released as a stand-alone plugin. New shortcodes: [i4w_user_profile] : Generates an input form through which a logged in contact can update his/her basic Infusionsoft contact data. [i4w_user_invoices] : This shortcode enables you to display a list of invoices to your subscribers, based …

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