This version introduces support for Infusionsoft’s “resthooks”, enabling app-side notifications of certain changes to contact records and settings. The iMember360 LearnDash extension is now included as a built-in optional module, including expanded integration with LearnDash. Numerous improvements/changes have been made to the admin UI


This version fixes a CSS conflict with themes and plugins using Bootstrap modal windows.


This version fixes a CSS conflict with OptimizePress 2.0 which precluded some iMember360 “popups” from working correctly.


This version includes a complete “port” of iClient360, the client self-service portal originally released as a stand-alone plugin. New shortcodes: [i4w_user_profile] : Generates an input form through which a logged in contact can update his/her basic Infusionsoft contact data. [i4w_user_invoices] : This shortcode enables you to display a list of invoices to your subscribers, based …

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In recent weeks, contact records acquired through the API have randomly been turning up with a tag whose ID is 0 (zero). Under given settings, this can lead to inconsistencies in API-based scripts, up to and including login and logout issues. Having reported the issue, I am happy to report that it has been confirmed …

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Added a new shortcode, [i4w_member_dir_editable], primarily intended for intranet use. This shortcode returns an editable ajax table consisting of a segment of your Infusionsoft contacts, selected by tag ID and/or company ID. Through this shortcode, both regular and custom fields can be edited. The changes are immediately posted both locally, to your WordPress site, and …

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This releases corrects a formatting issue in the “Menu Visibility” module provided by iMember360.


Content Protection: Added a new permission/protection category, “Inherit from parent”, designed to allow access to a post/page based on the permissions required by the page/post’s parent. This can be used to set permissions to entire “branches” of content by only setting them on the parent page or post. See: https://goo.gl/RjGn3t


Content Protection: Added a new permission/protection category, “Anyone at any time”, designed to allow access to a post/page at any time, regardless of login and membership status and also bypassing any “Force login” requirements. This can be used to allow access to pages such as “Terms and Conditions”, “Impressum”, etc. New Shortcode: Added a new …

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[i4w_member_dir]: Added a new shortcode parameter, ‘companyid’ to query/limit results to a specific company.See: http://docs.imember360.com/shortcodes/regular/i4w_member_dir/

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