Enhancements to iMember360 Menu Visibility functions to improve compatibility with other third party plugins.


Support of latest Infusionsoft Resthook API.


Update to the Client Portal and WooCommerce extension to support Infusionsoft API changes.


iMember360 local WordPress data is now hooked into the WordPress personal data exporter and eraser tool.


New Beaver Builder integration for conditional display of Beaver Builder elements. Minor improvements.


New Elementor integration for conditional display sections, elements, widgets and popups. Minor improvements.


A new iMember360 extension for WooCommerce was added to enable a deep integration between WooCommerce and Infusionsoft. This extension requires that WooCommerce be installed and active on your site. Removed the need of IonCube or Zend Guard Loader.


A fix for a potential security risk is also implemented. We highly recommend that you update to this version. This release fixes an incorrect redirect when a logged in user lacking permissions would sometimes be redirected to the home page instead of the site’s 404 page.


Beginning with a recent release, Infusionsoft generates incorrect HTML code for webforms for “multiple” select fields. Instead of using the standard multiple=”multiple”, the generated code includes multiple=””. This results in an incorrect parsing of the webforms. With this release, we provide a permanent workaround for this error.


iMember360 now supports PHP 7.x.

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