• Content Protection: Added a new permission/protection category, “Anyone at any time”, designed to allow access to a post/page at any time, regardless of login and membership status and also bypassing any “Force login” requirements. This can be used to allow access to pages such as “Terms and Conditions”, “Impressum”, etc.
  • New Shortcode: Added a new shortcode, [i4w_user_no_access]. designed to be negative of [i4w_user_has_access]. This new shortcode displays content based on the permissions required on another page. This is ideal to build a permissions-based table of content. This shortcode, as well as [i4w_user_has_access], dynamically syncs as permissions are changed on a page. In many cases, this is the solution preferred to [i4w_onlyfor].

    See: http://docs.imember360.com/shortcodes/regular/i4w_user_no_access/

  • Email Address Changes: When admins changed contact email addresses within the WP admin area, these were not marked as single opt-ins. This is now corrected.
  • See y’all at ICON 2016
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