1. WordPress 4.3 introduces a bug which can force a site to its knees. An error in the core code can lead to a huge number of WP CRON jobs being created, as many as 1 per second. It can consume the entire memory available to your site as well as use up all or most of its CPU resources.
  2. To fix this problem immediately, two steps are necessary:
    • (1) Update the plugin to v4.3.003
    • (2) Edit a core file located at wp-includes/taxonomy.php and change line 4448 as follows:

      wp_schedule_single_event( 'wp_batch_split_terms', time() + MINUTE_IN_SECONDS );


      wp_schedule_single_event( time() + MINUTE_IN_SECONDS, 'wp_batch_split_terms' );
  3. This fix will be made available in the upcoming WordPress 4.3.1.
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