The following additions / modifications were made to the shortcodes listed below:


The ‘onlyid’ parameter can now accept a comma separated list of contact ID’s to designate members who are allowed to view the generated list. Previously, it would only accept a single ID.

For more information, see:


A new parameter has been added, ‘fupid‘, which can consist of a comma separated list of follow-up sequence ID’s. If a FUP ID is a negative number, the contact will be removed from the given followup sequence or added, if not negative. These assignments and removals can now be done directly from within infusionWP and no longer have to be done through an actionset.

For more information, see:


Two parameters have been added, ‘excl_tagid’ and ‘excl_contactid’, which can consist of a comma separated list of tag ID’s and contact ID’s to be prevented from viewing the content. If an [ELSE_onlyfor] conditional branch is used, these excluded users will fall into the ELSE condition.

For more information, see:


This shortcode is identical to [i4w_onlyfor], above, and these added parameters apply here as well.


This shortcode is also identical to [i4w_onlyfor] except for its logic reversal.

For more information, see:


This new shortcode enables the embedded filtering of content based on contact ID’s.

For more information, see:


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