WordPress 3.7 introduces an “improved” control mechanism during the login process to check if a client (browser) can store cookies. This cookie, however, is only set in the wp-login.php file and in many login scenarios, the cookie is set too late to be of any real use.

This leads many users to receive an incorrect error message during their first login attempt, stating that their browser either doesn’t support cookies or that cookies have been turned off.

If the users attempt to login again, the message is no longer displayed and the login proceeds normally.

It can’t be called a bug because the WP authors apparently wanted this to happen exactly this way. Perhaps just shortsighted?.

iMember360 v3.7.005 fixes this new “feature”.

With this release, we are also switching to a new license server. The current server will be kept online for an overlap period of approximately 6 months to give everyone time to upgrade their plugins according. To avoid disruptions in service, please update at your earliest possibility.

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