• Added the possibility of redirecting the user to a new page/window after processing an action set.
  • Added the possibility of running action sets after a user’s successful password change
  • This version introduces the previously announced “infuzionWP Tracker” feature.
  • Basic tracking features:
    • Tracks the “usual suspects”: GA Source, GA Medium, GA Campaign, GA Content, GA Term and GA ReferUrl.
    • Tracks session data: Date of first visit and number of visits to the site.
    • Tracks GeoIP sources: IP-address, City, State/Region, Country, Latitude and Longitude.
    • All trackable items can be stored in Infusionsoft’s regular fields or custom fields.
    • Both old (Classic Builder) and new (Drag&Drop) forms can be used.
    • Provides an improved grouping of lead sources to prevent unnecessary bloating.
    • Detects and handles webmail referrals accordingly.
    • Only runs on pages and posts where Infusionsoft forms have been detected.
  • Finally, some very good news and some not so good. The good news is that Infusionsoft has informed us that infusionWP / infuzionWP is the best selling product in the Infusionsoft community. The bad news is that this degree of popularity has made difficult for people to clearly draw the line between where the relationship between Infusionsoft and this plugin begins and end. And so the trademark issue came up again and we will be changing names, again.
  • From now one, your humble plugin will be called ‘iMember360’. Finding a decent name at this late stage in the Internet age is a challenge. This is the best we could find.
  • It’s never been about the name, especially since you haven’t seen much marketing coming from us. We hope that you’ll continue to view this plugin, irrespective of name, as being the best of its kind, feature packed, flexible and secure as no other: the one with the “mostest”.
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