• Added a new web help page to infuzionWP.com which will hopefully make navigation easier. It can be found at: http://infuzionWP.com/help/
  • The plugin’s shortcode processor has been extensively modified, bring a smaller footpring and more speed.
  • This version begins the process of making the plugin more accessible to codes. Four hooks have been added to the plugin (and many more will come) through which coders will be able to alter significant areas of the plugin operation. The currently available hooks are also documented in the new help pages.
  • v3.3.008, the next release, will come with its own Infusionsoft/Google Tracker. This tracker will automatically detect pages with Infusionsoft forms on them and will automatically insert the necessary value for processing by Infusionsoft. Elsewhere, you can expect to pay around $20.00 for this feature. infuzionWP’s Tracker will be bundled within the plugin at not extra charge. If you have suggestions or ‘lessons learned’ from using other similar tools, I welcome your feedback.
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