• Added a fix for HTTP POST’s sent from the Infusionsoft shopping cart, which broke as part of last night’s latest Infusionsoft update.
  • When new user records were created, a dash was not consistently add to the “user_nicename” field. Somme BuddyPress users rely on this field and was causing problems. This issue is now resolved.
  • Support for “Contest Burner” has been added due to its recent surge in popularity and use by members of this community.
  • An issue with with the SDK’s “findByEmail” method was fixed.
  • Sessions have been re-engineered in order to give them a smaller memory footprint. They are now SQL based, allowing them to work even under the worse hosting conditions, such as Rackspace. The new session scheme also (largely) prevents problems created by incorrectly programmed themes and plugins that do not use the proper WordPress Ajax methodology.
  • MySQL queries have been reviewed and “tightened up”, for more speed and lesser memory usage.
  • You may have noticed that, having recently passed the 600-license mark, and, as promised earlier, prices were reduced to $37.00/month and $370.00/year. I thank you for your ongoing support and your part in this plugin’s incredible success within the Infusionsoft community. Our next goal is 999 licenses and $27.00/$270.00.
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