When updating infusionWP version, please ensure that the infusionWP major AND minor version numbers corresponde to your WordPress major and minor versions. For example, to upgrade to infusionWP v3.2.032, your WordPress version should be 3.2 or higher.

Changes in this release:

(1) Added a new shortcode, [i4w_raw], designed to defeat WordPress’ wpautop function for selected parts of a page or post.

For usage information, please see the documentation at:


(2) Added additional parameters to the [i4w_actionset] shortcode to enable the use of links rather than HTML buttons or images.

For usage information, please see the documentation at:


(3) Also added a new shortcode alias, [i4w_fupset], an alias of [i4w_actionset].

(4) The regular expressions used for shortcode processing has been expanded to better handle shortcodes embedded within shortcodes.

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