A few days ago, support for an alternative “404 – Page Not Found” was added and along the same lines, two additional settings are now available to support an alternate “Login” page as well as an alternate “Registration” page.

Alternate Login Page

In the “Plugin Options” panel, this setting has existed for a while and was only used to generate links which would display in excerpts. Now, if you choose an alternate login page, every attempt to go to wp-login.php will be redirected to your own themed login page, which you can easily create using all the available shortcodes. If you accidently protected this page, the plugin will unprotect it in order to allow access.

Alternate Registration Page

Just as with the new handling of the login page, the same applies to the registration page. You can now safely activate the “Anyone can register” setting the “General” option panel. If you select a registration page from one of your existing pages (or an external page), all visitors who attempt to register will be redirected to the page you specified. This page can be an Infusionsoft web form or an order form, a lead capture page or anything you choose.

In order to provide additional compatibility and flexibility, two WordPress settings are now exposed through infusionWP.

Setting for  wpautowp

In the “Plugins Options” panel, you may now turn WordPress‘ “wpautop” function on or off, as desired. The “wpautop” function is designed to automatically insert HTML paragraphs where it feels it’s warranted. This has advantages, as it enables you to simply write and WordPress will attempt to format for you as best it can.

However, some plugins regularly experience problems with this function as it breaks a lot of Javascript. By default, wpautop is turned on. If your site is working fine, you should probably leave it as it.

In addition to the site’s global setting for wpautop (in Plugin Options), you can also override this setting, page by page, as the need may arise.

Setting for wptexturize

This is the biggest plugin and theme killer. If turned on, it will, among other things, convert double and single quotes into “fancy” quotes. In infusionWP, it has always be turned off. If you run into a situation where you need it, you can now turn it on, both globally in “Plugin Options” or at the page/post level. If your site is working fine, I recommend not using it.

And minor fixes for major irritations…

Admin login

During one of the WordPress upgrades following v3.0, the admins were no longer redirect to wp-admin, as in the past. This now works again as it used. You no longer have to login and manually type “wp-admin” in the URL.

Membership Levels

By popular request, the section to add new membership levels nows maintains at least 5 empty spaces to add new membership levels.

On August 18th, bbPress 2.0 RC3, the WordPress forum plugin was released. This has been almost two years in the making and, as planned, infusionWP supports it.

Forum Plugin bbPress

 For those of you who want to test it out, it can be downloaded here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bbpress/ as well as through your WordPress plugin panel. It’s getting close to final release and I’ve been testing it extensively in order to have the best possible integration with infusionWP.

Using infusionWP, you can now run an Infusionsoft-based forum, with the same protection scheme as infusionWP offers for WordPress. As a matter of practicality, however, protection can only be set at the top level forums, which is then automatically applied to all “child” forums, topics and replies. Since a forum can include any number of forums, subforums, topics and replies – some of which are member generated, it wouldn’t make too much sense to have to chase every post down and apply protection settings after the fact.

bbPress, although not very well known, is in fact the software behind one of the largest forums in the world: the WordPress forum is powered by bbPress. A few years back, it already had more than 75 million posts and over 100,000 registered users. It’s both fast and stable. I expect the plugin version will prove to be the same.

Since this bbPress version is still a Release Candidate, I remind you that while it’s okay to test it (and I look forward to your comments), you shouldn’t use it on a production site yet.


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