Content Protection at the Individual Level

In recent days, there have been numerous requests to enable content protection at the individual level, i.e. Infusionsoft contact ID.

This version provides the means to do so. In the “Content Protection” metabox, you may now specify a comma separated list of contact ID’s to whom you wish to grant access permission to a post or page.

These permissions have priority over membership level permissions. If you specify contact ID’s, any membership level permissions will be ignored.

Drip content settings are taken into account and will be applied.

To accomodate this additional layer of permissions, the [i4w_onlyfor] and [i4w_hidefrom] shortcodes have been extended to include an additional parameter: contactid.

For more information and examples on these shortcodes, please see:



This change enables sites offering client specific services, such as mentoring and coaching, to provide their clients with dedicated pages as well as segment pages and posts based on individual criteria.


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