Changed the default behavior of autologin such that the default, in all cases (and including wp-login.php) is now the landing page defined for a particular membership level. This change reflects what the vast majority needed and wanted.

Added an option in “Plugin Options” to choose between display suppression (default) of “empty” custom menu items or enable a neutralized display of the same.

Please note that WordPress is currently on Release Candidate 2 and is slated for release soon. Among the many changes that will come with WP 3.2, two of these are very important:

  • WordPress has new minimum system requirements: PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0. Since this plugin has always required PHP 5.2.5 or higher, PHP shouldn’t be an issue. However, MySQL 5.x is a major departure from WordPress’ previous support for MySQL reaching back to 3.2.3. Please upgrade your systems to meet WordPress’ future requirements.
  • WordPress 3.2.x and higher will no longer provide legacy support for Internet Explorer 6. If you have modules, plugins or themes that specifically target IE6, you may want to test these with WP 3.2-RC2 before upgrading in the future.

infusionWP is currently being tested against WP 3.2-RC2. When the final WP 3.2 is released, infusionWP 3.2 will follow suit shortly after.

Do NOT upgrade infusionWP to 3.2 unless you have previously upgraded to WordPress 3.2.

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