As part of infusionWP’s new “Client Service Center” suite of integration tools, a new shortcode has been added to the “FULL” version:

  • [i4w_list_subscriptions] (short form: [i4w_list_subs])
    This shortcode can be used to display a subscriber’s purchased subscriptions. The list can be sorted by date, ascending or descending. CSS style information can be passed to the shortcode to ensure that the display fits smugly into your visuals. The data columns to be displayed can be specified, as well as column headers.

In the coming days, additional shortcodes will be released, the sum total of which will enable you to create your own, on-site Client Service Center, providing your customers with a hub – sorry, had to do it – through which they can self-manage some aspects of their account(s) with you.

As always, your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

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