This releases provides a fix to WordPress’ oldest buggy feature: wpautop().

This function automatically insert HTML paragraph and line break tags into post and page content. In obvious cases, it works fine. In (too) many cases, it simply fails.

Most of the inconsistencies and errors in wpautop() are due to the many assumptions that are made. For example, it assumes that the <embed> will always be terminated with </embed> and not with />, which is valid XHTML. The same assumption is made with <param>. Another assumption is that these tags will be single lines. Anything that doesn’t fit this mold leads to the addition of a series of HTML line break tags. And it “breaks” the affected element.

If you use <style> in your page or post – and you probably shouldn’t – WordPress’ wpautop() function will treat it as regular text and destroy it by inserting a series of paragraph and line break tags.

The same fate awaits <script> in your page or post: wpautop() function will also destroy it with paragraph and line break tags.

Another problem has been another assumption: it expects all HTML involved in the process to be lower case. Bear in mind that HTML tags should be in lower case – that is the standard. However, WordPress shouldn’t insert any formatting because of an incorrect use of tag capitalization.

In this release, most of these WordPress errors should be fixed, using the plugin’s own replacement wpautop() function.

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