Added a new shortcode, [i4w_compare], to provide the ability to compare any two values and take action based on the result of the comparison.

This shortcode provides a wide variety of comparison operation, supports condition ELSE branching and allows nesting of up to 10 levels within a single structure.

The values to be compared can be manually hardcoded or entirely dynamically based on the logged in user’s Infusionsoft data.

For more information, please see: http://www.infusionwp.com/built-in-shortcodes/#i4w_compare

As announced in the Nov/Dec 2010 timeframe, the deprecated parameters “tagname” and “mbrname” for [i4w_onlyfor] and [i4w_hidefrom] are now obsolete. Please convert these parameters to “tagid”, using the respective tag ID’s from your Infusionsoft application.

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