Added a new feature, ‘Conditional Widget Control‘.

This feature is loosely based on a plugin called ‘Widget Logic‘.

For an overview of the features, please see: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/widget-logic/other_notes/.

In addition to the standard WordPress template tags mentioned on that page, I have added two functions to infusionWP:

  • i4w_has_tag()
  • i4w_member_of()

Both of these functions require at least one (1) Infusionsoft tag Id as parameter. If you want to specify more than one, separate tag Id’s with commas. Examples:

  • i4w_has_tag(‘123’)
  • !i4w_member_of(‘234’)
  • i4w_has_tag(‘123,234’)
  • i4w_has_tag(‘123’)&&!i4w_member_of(‘234’)

Please note that the tag or list of tags must be passed as a string, either single or double quoted.

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