Added a new optional setting to enable you to define the length (in words) of excerpts generated by WordPress.

There are several places within WordPress where, in the absence of a “manual” excerpt, it will auto-generate excerpts based on content.

(1) If you have activated the “Excerpts at all times” option, an excerpt will be auto-generated, even if the post is otherwise protected.

(2) If a post is protected but the user has the requisite permissions, an excerpt will also be generated if a manual one doesn’t exist and the document type is “category” or “archive” view.

By default, WordPress applies a filter of 55 words to excerpts. With this new setting, you may now specify a length of your choice and are not limited to 55 words. Specifying a length of 0 will reset it to 55, the default.

This setting doesn’t apply to manual excerpts (the ones manually entered in the excerpt box). Manual excerpts will be taken at full length, as entered.

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