Added a new feature: Page/Post Alternate Theme Switcher.

For the many among you who use infusionWP as more than just a membership system, this new feature enables you to define alternate themes among those you have installed. It opens the door for landing and squeeze pages using other themes than the one selected for your membership site itself.

This feature has often been requested and although I was convinced that a number of other plugin offered this capability, I realized after testing that they either didn’t work or required one to “tweak” the theme files. In the “forums”, the general consensus is that a full blooded, “true” theme switcher at the page/post level can’t be done. For you, infusionWP can.

Please consider two things:

(1) Not all themes were created equal. To the extent that they adhere to the WordPress codex, the majority of themes will work but some themes may not work, especially those who take dangerous “shortcuts”.

(2) This is a true theme switcher. It will completely switch over to the selected theme. This means that it will draw ALL resources (CSS, templates, javascript, widgets, etc) from said theme. Ensure that you have set up the themes accordingly.

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