Waiting for the long awaited WordPress 3.1 has turned out to be just that, a long wait…

I have decided to release this version, which contains all the major changes announced for infusionWP 3.1.0 because a number of these features are needed now. First and foremost is the new Infusionsoft data caching mechanism.

Before you update to this version, please note that you must be running WordPress 3.0.0 or higher.

During the past two months, all new features and modifications to existing features have been cross-tested against the alphas, betas and release candidates.

Although most of the changes have centered on ensuring forward compatibility with current and futures versions of WordPress, this version brings a number of new features and functionality to the table.

Here’s a brief overview:

  • Infusionsoft Caching:A completely rewritten Infusionsoft caching mechanism, required by another change in Infusionsoft API guidelines. It took a lot of work and testing but I’m confident that it performs better than the current caching mechanism and will also open up many, many more capabilities in the future.
  • Two new time-based content protection options, which will allow you to:
    • Delayed Protection: Delay the moment when content becomes protected, such as specifying that protection should begin 15 days after publication of the content.
    • Automatic Unprotection: Automatically unprotect content after a certain number of days. This would make a particular page or post “public” and can be useful for content whose value is time-based, such as stock market and Forex information.
  • Per User Protection: A new individual-based protection option, enabling you to set permissions to one or more specific Infusionsoft contact ID’s.
  • Auto-login LeadCap: The lead capture widget offers an autologin option so that visitors can quickly register and log in to your “free” membership content.

On the performance improvement front – other than the new caching system – a number of items will be dropped to make infusionWP leaner and, above all, less susceptible to future bugs:

  • Tal.ki Forum: Integrated support for Tal.ki is no longer be available from within infusionWP. The Tal.ki software can still be installed as a separate plugin for those who need it and compatibility is maintained.
  • CloudPlayer: CloudPlayer is now more secure and significantly stabler and is also a separate plugin, available as CloudPlayer Pro. It’s a free upgrade.
  • FTP Update: The built-in FTP plugin update method has been removed from infusionWP. Plugin updates will have to be performed through a manual FTP or through the current file permissions-based mechanism. For more information on WordPress file permissions, please see: http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_File_Permissions
  • WordPress 2.9.2 and earlier: In another effort to reduce the code base and the bug potential it brings with it, WordPress versions earlier than 3.0.0 are no longer supported. The heretofore code base included support going back to 2.8.1. The additional code required to support all these older versions is very large and has often been a barrier to enhancements and produced bugs in one or the other WordPress version.
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