New Feature

This version has a new feature, designed to enable you to customize all infusionWP messages displayed to your visitors, whether you just want to change the verbiage or translate those messages in another language. Please note that this feature only deals with messages generated from within the plugin. Any messages generated by your theme or WordPress itself are beyond “reach”.

If you do not need nor want to change the message texts, you do not need to do anything.

Please go to the “Customize Messages” admin panel to view the instructions and download the necessary file.

New WordPress Version

WordPress has released Version 3.1 R1C1. This Release Candidate version is the precursor to a final release (see http://wordpress.org/news/ for more details).

In the past 3-4 weeks, all development work and testing in infusionWP has been done on WP 3.1 Beta / R1C1. As soon as WordPress releases a final version, infusionWP will be 3.1 compatible. As soon as final testing is completed, infusionWP v3.1.0 will be released.

Once it is released, you are encouraged to upgrade to WP 3.1 as it contains nearly 700 bug fixes and several security enhancements.

Soon after WP 3.1 is released, infusionWP will drop support for all pre-3.0 versions in order to diminish the code “bloating” which results from supporting legacy versions. Please plan accordingly.


Tal.ki Deprecation

When infusionWP 3.1.0 is released, the Tal.ki integration will be removed from infusionWP.

If you are using Tal.ki, please contact us to ensure you can still use this forum software.

CloudPlayer Deprecation

When infusionWP 3.1.0 is released, the embedded CloudPlayer integration will be removed from infusionWP.

Please upgrade to CloudPlayer Pro, which is a free upgrade to all current users.

FTP Update Method Deprecation

When infusionWP 3.1.0 is released, the built-in FTP plugin update method will be removed from infusionWP.

Plugin updates will have to be performed through a manual FTP or through the current file permissions based mechanism.

For more information on WordPress file permissions, please see: http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_File_Permissions.

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