New Feature:

In certain cases, your subscribers are given the ability to change their email addresses directly in Infusionsoft.

When this happens, the plugin is not automatically notified and this can result in additional users being maintained in your WordPress user table.

Under given conditions, this can lead to unauthorized subscribers being able to login to your site. They will not, however, gain access to protected content.

To remedy this situation, a new module has been added, i4w_updateuser to be used with email address change triggers in Infusionsoft.

I do not want to provide too many details in a public page. Please update to the latest version and apply the triggers provided by Infusionsoft.

Contact me privately (Skype or mail) for additional details.

New Feature:

The [i4w_ccard_add] and [i4w_ccard_update] shortcodes have been modified to include additional error checking.

The update shortcode now includes an additional parameter to automatically revert to “add” mode when a subscriber does not have a credit card on file.


The membership group based theme switching feature was not working consistently with all themes. It has been fixed.

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